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Don't take our word for it.  See what others have said: 







Do I need to fill out the brief form?

A wriiten brief is to gain and start the research on what the business is about, what audience for higher potential cilents. However, it is not required.  You can alternatively email or call to explain how you would like to tailor your product.  

What are the products?

We take every effort to ensure that you receive your product(s) and that they arrive to you in excellent condition.  There are numerous methods to which we are able to.

How do you send me my product?

You will know when you are a satisfied customer and can't help but tell others about Krystal Kode.  So why hesitate, call or contact us today with your idea!

How will I know if I am getting a good service and value for my money?

Ranging from web developing to graphics and digital design.  Please see our Gallery for more information.  And you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


"Amazing work and met deadlines" John (Wiltshire, UK)


"Great design work"  Robertina (Surrey, UK)


"fantastic website, even created the social

networking updates!"

Debbie (Oxfordshire, UK)


"easily contactable, outgoing and outstanding"

Bola - London, UK


"took me through the steps from start to finish"

Steven - Hertsfordshire, UK


"user friendly layout, really commited"

Annabelle - Birmingham, UK


"was referred by previous client and would definately reccomend Krystal Kode"  

Marieanne - Toulouse, France


"sleek designs for my flyers"

Iain - Frankfurt, Germany


"great images. And computer now works better than before"

Kostya a.k.a. Constantin - Moscow, Russia


"still with Krystal Kode as they maintain my websites,

apps and games, super work!"

Stewart - Aberdeen, Scotland


"step by step, kept updated. Very good" 

Florence - Naples/Napoli, Italy


great work, completed in less than a day  

Daniella - Leytonstone UK

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Send it to us then!

No, but if you would like to then just email them to us. We not only create your product(s), but also research the images for it.  

We run online and face-to face groups at workshops.  To find out more contact us for more information.  

You can simply keep us informed of the changes by contacting us.

If I want to make changes to the product or service, what do I do? 

Do I have to supply my own images for my website/app or game?

I want to sign up for a tutoring online, how do I go about this?