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Hi, I'm Kim and as an Multimedia Programer, Director and Founder of Krystal Kode Ltd,


I specialise and train in digital and interactive media to create and promote an online prescence for a variety of cilents and their businesses.  



I simply enjoy what I do best! Handling and teaching with and about  gadgets, creating products that myself and others can be proud of!



east london SK2

To date, highest qualifications are:


• Award in Education & training (Formally known as 'PTLLS')  


• Biomedical Science and Bioinformatics (IBMS)


• Computer Science BSc Hons

"So we are inviting all those who care about the future of science and engineering in our country to join us by signing up to this national ambition to increase the number of women entering science and engineering." 



Krystal Kode is Located in the thriving I.T. sector in East London. 

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These are only a few, there are many more! 

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